National Short Story Day

So, it’s National Short Story Day but you don’t have any short stories to read? Wrong! Why not listen to the Twelve Days Anthology at Dark Fiction Magazine, featuring True Love by David Hartley (fellow MadLab SpecFic writer) and Just One Night by Terry Martin, read by Saxon Bullock (Saxon is another MadLab chap).

You could also read Manchester in the Ice Age by Benjamin Judge (oops, another MadLab chap) as well as plenty of other short stories at Rainy City Stories.

Then there’s 330 Words which features a numbers of stories which, well, the clue’s in the title.

And to round it all off, if you live in Manchester why not pop along to author readings by Michelle Green, Dave Gaffney and Sarah Schofield? There are similar events being organised in Oxford, Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

I think the weather may stop me from making the trek into Manc but I have my trusty copy of Guys and Dolls. Get reading! No excuses!


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