Three Films I Need To See This Year

King’s Speech. Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter star alongside Geoffrey Rush (that bloke from Pirates of the Caribbean) in this historical drama about George VI and his battle to overcome a speech impediment. If you enjoy your period dramas then this could be for you, though it looks more Downton Abbey than Upstairs Downstairs or Lark Rise to Candleford. Just released in UK cinemas, I’m hoping to see it later this week.

Never Let Me Go. After an initial debut at the British Film Festival last October, Never Let Me Go finally makes it to UK screens in February. I’ve been waiting for this film ever since the Kazuo Ishiguro novel blew me away. I just hope I’m not disappointed. The film stars Carey Mulligan as Kathy alongside Kiera Knightley as Ruth and Andrew Garfield as Tommy. We also have Charlotte Rampling as Miss Emily. My advice: avoid spoilers!

Sucker Punch. Girls, swords, dragons, guns, airships – what’s not to like? Should hit UK screens in April. I have a feeling my better half will enjoy this film about as much as that one with the girl with the funny coloured hair.



  1. Yes, that strange film with the girl with lots of different coloured hair was odd, not my favourite film ever! Sucker Punch looks better than that, but I still reckon it was written by a man for…….. men!!
    mwa xxx

  2. How did Colin Firth become such a good actor?

    Sucker Punch looks like my kinda film… I see a lads night with curry and beer on the cards!!! Mom mom mom wooop woop!!!

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