As some of you know I’m partial to the odd MMO or two. Well, Bioware have just this minute announced pre-order for Star Wars: Old Republic (SWTOR). I’ve been back into World of Warcraft the last couple of months after a six month break to focus on my writing, but I’ve been watching SWTOR’s development with keen interest (along with my eldest son!). SWTOR’s release could be bad timing for my MA this September, but we’ll see if I manage to juggle the two as it seems I’ve been able to do with Warcraft and my writing the last couple of months.

Check out the latest trailer, a mash-up of the cinematic trailers released over the last couple of years . . .

I have high hopes for SWTOR. No, I’m not one of the WoW whiners moaning about the grinding and hoping that Bioware destroy Blizzard (because they won’t). But I do hope they’ve done a decent job of SWTOR. Anyway, maybe I’ll see you online. I’ll be rolling a Smuggler but I haven’t decided yet whether to go Gunslinger (for the DPS) or Scoundrel (because it sounds cool!).

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”


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