Hogging The Limelight

So, after ten days in Rhodes I arrived back in the UK this week to the riots and the rain. Actually this wasn’t such a harsh surprise as I had my phone and 150Mb of roaming data with me, so whilst I was sat in Rhodes watching my kids go nuts to the chocolatte song and getting ouz-owned by my wife . . .

. . . I was able to watch the riots slowly work their way up the country towards Manchester. Oh and I checked the weather of course. I happen to love living in the UK, even with all the rain and the pricey petrol and whilst I know plenty of people who have considered moving to another country–and a fair few who, in the end, have done exactly that–I’m just not one of those people. For all its faults, I quite like this soggy place. But, for the first time in my life, I had the faintest notion of wondering what it would be like to actually move away from here. Just for six months maybe. Or a couple of years or so.

Anyway, one nice surprise waiting for me when I got back was a copy of the NAWG newsletter which, it turns out, I appear in twice.

First of all there’s the nomination I mentioned in my last post for the NAWG annual writing competition. But it also turns out that a couple of emails I exchanged with their columnist Daisy Watkin have turned up on page 10 in a column on tips for running writing workshops. If you want to read those tips you’ll need to subscribe to NAWG. So, would I recommend joining NAWG?

Well first of all it’s worth mentioning that I’m not a fan of writing magazines–most of them just seem chock full of adverts, out of date information and expensive competitions to me. But the NAWG newsletter is well-produced, it seems pretty up to date, it’s a quick read (just twelve pages of chattily information articles) and (perhaps most important for me) it’s very light on adverts.

Also, joining NAWG opens up free access to competitions you would normally have to pay for to enter as a non-member. You can join NAWG as an individual, an ‘associate member’, for just £20 per year which seems pretty reasonable to me. An even cheaper option would be to join with your writing group at just £40 per year. Your group members will get to enter the various writing competitions. Their annual competition even included a group anthology category, which I think could be a lot of fun for a group to organise.

Anyway, back to my writing. I have a short story deadline for 15th August and a novel to finish. Keep writing!


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