SWTOR beta

So here we are. After all the months of waiting Star Wars: The Old Republic is very nearly upon us.

For anyone who pre-ordered–and yes, that’s me–then this weekend is open beta, meaning that we finally get to take this baby for a spin. Once this weekend is out of the way then the final release date is a little less than a month away: 20th December over in the US, 22nd December here in Europe.

The non-disclosures have been dropped, meaning we can screenshot away–so you can expect a flurry of spoiler-shots over the weekend from various different sources–though perhaps not from me as I might be rather busy . . .

SWTOR is latest MMO in the last couple of years to be touted as the game that’s going to give World of Warcraft a run for its money. Well, I’m not so sure about that. WoW may have lost a fair slice of its subscription base over the last few months, but ten million faithful is still a fairly hefty number.

Perhaps SWTOR will stimulate the MMO market? Hook more poor souls into MMO gaming. Yes. It can be rather addictive. You’ve been warned! I remember telling a friend once (this is before I started playing WoW): “I’m not really interested in that sort of game.”

I’ll be going for a Smuggler, most probably a Gunslinger, as they seem to offer the best combination of DPS and head gear (yeah OK, perhaps not very original given that I was a Rogue in WoW). It even looks like a few of the old faithful are getting ready to form up again. I better check that my headset still works and that I have TeamSpeak installed.

So, here’s all three SWTOR cinematic trailers arranged in their correct chronological order so that they finally makes sense (I’d advise a cuppa and a biscuit for this as it’s 14 minutes long) . . .

“Here’s where the fun begins.”


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