Nexus 7

It seems like everyone has a tablet nowadays and I’ve been wondering about buying one for a while, except that I’m not a fan of a certain manufacturer and my budget was a measly £200 plus a few quid for a case.

I didn’t need bells and whistles. And I really don’t give a rat’s about branding. I think I probably suffer from a mild case of Pollardian brand aversion.

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So I’m completely hooked on Goodreads, scanning books with my droid app to add them to a shelf, nosing around to see what other folks are up to and updating my status whenever I finish a book (which isn’t actually very often given how slowly I read).

What I wasn’t expecting was to find an author profile on there for me. So I asked the nice webgoblins to pull the profiles together and hey-presto I’m now an official Goodreads author with three publications listed: Rocket ScienceDaily Science Fiction and (as editor) Cutaway Magazine.

Just click on the Big Button to see my Goodreads profile. Feel free to add me as a friend. I also need some fans. And an agent for my novel. That would be rather nice…