Weird Science Gadget: Hidden Blade

Here’s another Weird Science Gadget for Pulp Cthulhu. Enjoy!

A Hidden Blade is a concealed, spring-loaded weapon which extends from a specially designed bracer worn around the wrist. This weapon can be used to launch a devastating series of attacks against an unprepared combatant.

This weapon is difficult to notice when worn. The wearer must be searched and a Spot Hidden roll is required, opposed by the wearer’s Stealth skill.

During a surprise attack, an attacker with a Hidden Blade may attempt two attack rolls instead of one (as per the Shadow talent, p.26 Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). An attacker with a Hidden Blade who also has the Shadow talent can attempt three such surprise attack rolls. A Hidden Blade causes the same damage as a Medium Knife (1D4+2+db).

To build: parts cost $250, requires 1d10+5 days, and a successful combined Hard Mechanical Repair and Hard Art/Craft (Leatherworker or Weaponsmith) roll.

Hidden Blade PDF

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