In Emergency Break Glass…

This started out as a silly conversation on Facebook about my wife running out of chocolate.


  • Picture box frame from The Range.
  • Cans of car paint: gloss red and matt black (again grabbed from The Range).
  • Epoxy resin glue.
  • Access to a computer with a printer. I used photo paper.
  • A cool hammer keyring thingey from Maplin.
  • Bar of chocolate!

I started by taking the box frame apart:

Now for the painting. I spray-painted the back panel and the inner box edging black:

I then spray-painted the outer frame red – and I promise that this is red and not orange! The flash on my camera did strange things to the colours:

I created a textbox in Word with black fill and white text. The font is Square721 BT. To check the size of the font I printed off a test copy on plain paper first:

Once I was sure I had the dimensions correct I printed it out again, this time on fancy photo paper:

I then glued the text and the chocolate bar into place with the epoxy resin:

I drilled a small hole in the frame and mounted the hammer keyring thingey (no idea whether Maplin still have these but they look great!):

Assembly time!

And ta-da!

Incredibly easy and looks great on the kitchen wall.


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