Meet My Main Characters

Spindle DreamsHurrah! I’ve been invited to join another blog tour by Graeme Shimmin. This time we’re looking at the main characters in our novels.

My novel is called Spindle Dreams and it’s part of a planned trilogy: the Canton Station series. [Read more…]



So I’m completely hooked on Goodreads, scanning books with my droid app to add them to a shelf, nosing around to see what other folks are up to and updating my status whenever I finish a book (which isn’t actually very often given how slowly I read).

What I wasn’t expecting was to find an author profile on there for me. So I asked the nice webgoblins to pull the profiles together and hey-presto I’m now an official Goodreads author with three publications listed: Rocket ScienceDaily Science Fiction and (as editor) Cutaway Magazine.

Just click on the Big Button to see my Goodreads profile. Feel free to add me as a friend. I also need some fans. And an agent for my novel. That would be rather nice…