• Traveller with the Revolutions anthology from the Manchester Speculative Fiction writing group (October 2015).
  • Truth About Crows with the Scarecrow anthology from World Weaver Press (August 2015).
  • Glass Fifty-Three with the Happily Never After anthology from Fey Publishing (June 2014). Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.
  • Spindle Pickers with Jupiter SF magazine issue #43: Arche (January 2014).
  • Silver Sixpence first published in 2011 with Daily Science Fiction then available in the Rocket Dragons Ignite: DSF Year 2 anthology (December 2013).
  • His City with Arcane II anthology (January 2013).
  • Dirty Little Freaks with Anamesa Journal (Fall 2012). Available online.
  • Incarnate with Rocket Science Anthology (April 2012). Reviews: Guardian, Strange Horizons, Rising Shadow, The Zone SF, Geek Chocolate.
  • Bamboo Curtain with Female First magazine (March 2012).
  • Doctor’s Surgery with Structo magazine (December 2011). Available online.
  • Quarter Cherry Lips with Litro magazine (December 2011).
  • Silver Sixpence with Daily Science Fiction (November 2011). Available on Kindle.
  • Five-a-Day Friendswinner of the NAWG David Lodge trophy 2011 and published in The Write Path anthology.
  • Whisperer with Murky Depths magazine issue #17 (July 2011).
  • Metagurneypunk short-listed for the Flash Mob writing competition (2011).
  • Truth with Write In For Writing’s Sake (2010).
  • The Day It Snowed with 330 Words (2010).
  • Farming Tsiolkovsky with Demensions magazine (2002).


  • The Devil and the Drum, a scenario for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published on DriveThruRPG (January 2023).
  • MERP Lite, a lightweight version of the Middle Earth roleplaying system rules published in The Guild Companion (May 2001).
  • The Watcher of Carn Dûm, a Middle Earth Roleplaying scenario published in The Guild Companion (February 2001).
  • Characteristics and Skills, an article for the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society (2001).
  • The Horn of Nimraug – Part 1 : Fire and Ice, a Middle Earth Roleplaying scenario published in The Guild Companion (August 2000).
  • Smuggling, Hiring & Firing, Starship Tuning, Starship Buying & Selling, various articles for the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society (2000).



  • Dirty Little Freaks (abridged), Canon Slade (February 2012).
  • Metagurneypunk at the Flash Mob writing competition (May 2011). More details here.
  • Five-a-Day Friends at the Bolton Annual Showcase event at the Bolton Octagon Theatre (May 2011). More details here.
  • The Medal, Canon Slade (January 2011). More details here.