‘Five-A-Day Friends’ wins the NAWG David Lodge Trophy 2011

Very pleased to announce that during the NAWG Annual Writing Festival gala dinner last night I was awarded the Professor David Lodge Trophy for my short story Five-A-Day Friends.

Yes, that’s a chocolate trophy as well as a glass one. Still grinning away and can’t quite believe it! Had a great time during the evening and met lots of interesting people.

I spent most of the evening chatting away with members from the Reading Writers’ Group, a long-running group who have just released a new anthology Another Light Raid which was nominated for the NAWG awards. You can buy a copy in paper format (or search here for electronic versions) . . .

After the gala dinner we moved into a side room for the After Dinner Sparkles, a series of poems and short performance pieces which had everyone chuckling and nodding their heads. Fantastic evening. Looking forward to next year!



  1. Many congratulations on your win! And thanks for mentioning our anthology.
    Julie, a Reading Writers member who wasn’t there.

  2. Just seen this link. You’re happy – we at NAWG are more than happy. This response to what we are trying to do in pulling NAWG upwards has been a fantastic boost for us, so thanks for that. Congratulations on your win, your enthusiasm and this page. Pam, NAWG Chairman. (oh dear, does that title sound stuffy?)

  3. Hi, I’m Linda Lewis (Writers Forum columnist and short story writer) and I judged the last line competition. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your story and that I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat at the Festival. Maybe next year?

    • Hi Linda, I’m glad you liked it! Yes it would be great to meet next year. I’m going to try to attend a couple of the workshops (family etc allowing).


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