Call of Cthulhu Road Tiles

I’ve been running a Pulp Cthulhu campaign set in 1929 Chicago. The investigators have been running around the city, jumping in and out of taxis, on and off the “L”. They’ve had a few run-ins with the Mob and I know it’s only a matter of time before there’s a car chase.

Taking Mr Skorkowsky’s advice I bought some Models of Yesteryear cars and then I decided to create some road tiles using Inkarnate that I could drop onto the table. I’m planning on using these with the Chase rules in the Keeper’s Rulebook (p.130ff).

Here are the results. Feel free to download and print for your own game. And let me know if you have any ideas for more obstacles. So far I have wandering sheep in a rural setting and scattered crates in a city. The rulebook mentions two guys carrying a pane of glass–a classic!–there must be more.

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Traveller Plan: New Horizons School

Here’s another plan for Traveller using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. Welcome to New Horizon School, a secret research facility, operated by SuSAG, for children with special abilities.

New Horizons is located on Lanth. As this world is 90% water I decided that the starport was constructed like a giant underwater arcology with ‘sub’ levels going down from sea level to the seabed. The large common room (location 17) has an impressive sea view.

I’ve included the usual A1 printable PDF in this blog post as well as a separate A4 sheet with a brief description of each location. You could always move the school to another world in your own campaign.

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Traveller Plan: Cloud 9

Here’s another deck plan I’ve created using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. I definitely went a bit overboard on this as it only featured in the intro/outro for a Traveller adventure I created called Smash & Grab!

This is the blurb I read out to my players…

As you approach Lagrange 2, the ship’s comm buffer floods with chatter and dozens of other ships appear on short range sensors. In the middle of it all sits an old 1000-ton Scout Service Express Boat Tender, now clearly retired from active service, the Cloud 9.

The old tender appears heavily modified from its original design with various modules and airlocks slotted into the huge vehicle bay that used to run its length. It also seems to have its maximum compliment of ten turrets installed.

A variety of small craft are arriving or leaving the local area, or parked up in matching orbits. Holo-emitters dotted across the Cloud 9’s hull are projecting advertisements out into space offering everything from nachos to cybernetic implants, casino games to stage shows.

It’s Vegas baby, Vegas in space!

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Call of Cthulhu Name Card

I often lose track of who’s who around the table, especially at convention games when I’m meeting players for the first time.

Here’s a game aid I created for Call of Cthulhu: a name card which can be placed on the table in front of each player. Print it out and cut the edges as marked. Players can add their name, their investigator’s name, and any preferred pronoun for themselves and/or their investigator.

I’ll include a couple of links at the end of this blog post to download a couple of different versions, one with a QR code to the Cult of Chaos code of conduct page. Feel free to download and print whichever one you want to use.

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Weird Science Gadget: Sleeve Gun

Here’s another Weird Science Gadget for Pulp Cthulhu (p.86ff, Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). Scroll down for a PDF to download and print.

The Sleeve Gun is a concealed, spring-loaded weapon which extends a small firearm from a specially designed bracer worn around the wrist. This device can be used to quick draw a firearm.

During combat, an attacker with a Sleeve Gun may draw their hidden firearm and attack without needing to have their weapon “readied” to gain +50 DEX when determining position in the DEX order for combat (as per the Quick Draw Talent, p.25 Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). A Sleeve Gun is typically used with a .22 Short Automatic or .22 Derringer (causing 1D6 damage, p.402 Keeper Rulebook or p.251 Investigator Rulebook).

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Traveller Plan: Lady Lovelace Airship

Not everything in Traveller has to be spaceships and lasers. There is plenty of opportunity for adventure in a variety of lower tech environments.

Vanejen is a Tech Level 5 world which you might recognise from the Classic Traveller adventure Research Station Gamma. A few months ago I ran an adventure, imaginatively titled Return to Research Station Gamma, set in the year 1116, with my Travellers on the trail of a kidnapped child. During the adventure they visited Vanejen and took passage on an airship, the Lady Lovelace.

This blog post features an A1 printable PDF of the Lovelace and an A4 sheet with a description of her crew and the various locations onboard. I’m using Robert Pearce’s excellent geomorphs again.

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Call of Cthulhu Prop: Fortune Cookie

I love handouts in Call of Cthulhu: old photographs, diary entries, half-burned letters, telegrams or business cards. I enjoy making my own if a scenario doesn’t come suitably equipped.

I’m also a fan of physical props. I recently ran a scenario set in my 1929 Chicago campaign where my investigators were following clues around town, eventually leading to a Chinatown opium den.

One of my investigators has a dog called Highball with the Scent Something Interesting skill. During the scenario Highball sniffed out a fortune cookie kicked beneath a bookshelf. I handed over a fortune cookie to my players, which they broke open, discovering the address of a Chicago Chinatown restaurant hidden inside.

My players loved it! But they wanted to know how I’d managed to pull off this magic trick from here in the UK. Here’s how…

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Weird Science Gadget: Night Vision Goggles

Here’s another Weird Science Gadget for Pulp Cthulhu (p.86ff, Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). Scroll down for a PDF to download and print.

Night Vision Goggles are a cumbersome headset mounted on a leather harness with a large disk worn across the chest. The disk projects a beam of infra-red light, illuminating the target, which is then visible through the headset.

When worn, this device allows the user to see in complete darkness to a range of 50 yards without being detectable by other individuals (unless they are similarly equipped). Movement is hampered whilst wearing this device: subtract 2 points from Move, and apply a penalty die to melee, Dodge, ranged combat, Climb, Jump or any other physical activity.

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Big Pharma Plans for Traveller

Here’s a set of plans I created for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant using Robert Pearce’s geomorphs. There are two basement levels and a ground floor, with two points of entry. The plans are fairly generic so you could use them for any kind of medical or scientific base. I printed them out on A1 paper for my players to use with miniatures.

This location featured in a homegrown adventure written for my current campaign. The adventure was called ‘Air Zamine’, a nod to a certain 90’s film

I’ll include PDF and PNG files further down in this blog post for you to download and print.

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Weird Science Gadget: Mind Control Helmet

This is the first in a series of short blog posts detailing Weird Science Gadgets from Pulp Cthulhu (p.86ff, Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). Each of these posts will include a PDF for you to download and print.

The Mind Control Helmet looks like a traditional pith helmet covered in a web of thick tubes. When worn over the head, it allows the user to attempt to control the actions of another individual. This device functions in an identical fashion to the Dominate spell (p.254, Keeper Rulebook) including range (10 yards), opposed POW roll, magic point and SAN point cost. Stepping inside the mind of another is an unnerving experience.

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