Traveller Plan: Generic Bar

Here’s another example of some plans I’ve created using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. I’ve barely made any changes, tweaking the exits, applying some shading, and adding labels.

This bar featured in my campaign a few months ago. The Travellers were on the trail of a kidnapped child and they ended up in a violent confrontation with some pirates in this bar on Lanth. As this world is 90% water I decided that the starport was constructed like a giant underwater arcology with ‘sub’ levels going down from sea level to the seabed.

This blog post includes the usual A1 printable PDF as well as a separate A4 sheet with a very brief description of each numbered location on the plan.

If you’re going to use this bar in a combat scene, I’d recommend a couple of goons with firearms in the ‘crows nest’ at location 3. If your Travellers take one out, they can fall spectacularly to the pool table below!

Here are the PDFs. Feel free to download these plans and print for personal use. Enjoy!

Bar Plans (A1)

Bar Description (A4)

2 thoughts on “Traveller Plan: Generic Bar”

  1. Howdy Craig. Just wanted to say thank you for posting up the Call of Cthulhu things you have. I read through your posts and really enjoyed the Weird Science Gadgets and Animal Handling posts, specifically. Very useful stuff, from one Keeper to another.

    Have a great day,

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