Traveller Plans: Generic Apartments

Here are two more generic plans I’ve created using using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. I designed these to fit on A4 paper suitable for a home printer. 

Both of these plans are apartments. They featured in my campaign a few months ago as the Travellers were visiting Lanth. As this world is 90% water, I decided that the starport was constructed like a giant underwater arcology with ‘sub’ levels going down from sea level to the seabed. The larger apartment has a lovely underwater view. 

This blog post includes the usual downloadable PDFs including a separate A4 sheet for each plan with a very brief description of each numbered location.

Feel free to download and print for personal use. Enjoy!

Large Apartment Plans (A4)

Large Apartment Description (A4)

Small Apartment Plans (A4)

Small Apartment Description (A4)

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