Cutaway Magazine Now On Sale!

Today is a very special day! After seven months of hard graft in partnership with co-editor Dave Schofield I’m pleased to say that Cutaway Magazine is now available for sale.

From the shiny colour cover to the slightly experimental, sometimes genre, often literary content, I can’t describe how chuffed I am at how the magazine has turned out!

We have written and photographic contributions from twenty-one international authors and artists from around the world including the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway and Nigeria. The written content is a mix of poetry and short fiction. The short fiction is a combination of both literary and what I would describe as ‘borderline’ genre fiction. If you struggle to decide which pieces are genre and which are literary . . . well, that’s the whole point. 🙂

We’re already receiving positive feedback from our contributors who have received their advanced copies. If you’d like to buy your own copy then they’re available for sale via Lulu at £6.99 + P&P:

If you know either Dave or myself in person then you can save on the P&P by grabbing a copy from us in person. Just drop me an email to reserve your copy. We will humbly accept cash or PayPal.

4 thoughts on “Cutaway Magazine Now On Sale!”

  1. About time! I’m looking about learning how to publish stuff of the sort in the future . . .

  2. Great magazine! I bought a copy as soon as it went on sale and was gripped from when I started reading. Congratulations on getting it out there.

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