MCM Manchester Comic Con

MCM Manchester Comic ConSo we did MCM Manchester Comic Con. This was a first for me and only the third time time I’ve ever cosplayed if you count Secret Cinema. I was wearing my Jedi outfit — I really need a blue lightsaber to qualify as Obi Wan — and I was accompanied by my younger son dressed as Anakin and my eldest son going for a Boba Fett / SWAT look.

It was great to meet up with fellow Manchester Spec-Fic writer Eliza dressed as Blake Belladonna from RWBY. Behind the lens we have Eliza’s other half Ken rocking a RWBY Sun Wukong outfit complete with tail. Cheers again for the photo Ken!

We had a fantastic time posing for photos and checking out the other cosplayers. I picked up some useful tips watching a panel on NERF painting. We even managed to knock out some lightsaber sparring. If you have any videos please send them over and I’ll add them into this page. Here are a couple of shots taken by SnapDragon Photography. Please click and hit like on their page:

Lightsaber Sparring Lightsaber Sparring

Just a quick word about the Boba Fett helmet worn by my eldest son: it’s home-made using just cardboard and Polyfilla, except for the visor which is acrylic bent into shape with a heat gun. My original plan was a standard green colour scheme (I’ve bought the paints so it might still happen). The whole ‘Boba SWAT’ thing was something we knocked up in a hurry because we only decided to head along to the Comic Con at the last minute. Some photos:

IMG_8587 IMG_8612

IMG_8818 IMG_8823 IMG_8827

The rifle is a NERF paint-job I finished a few weeks ago. I love the end result!

IMG_8776 IMG_8780

IMG_8785 IMG_8788

And to finish off, here’s a video from Wigan Comic Con last month made by Golden Pidgeon (YouTubeFacebook). Check out the lightsaber twirling and special effects just after the one-minute mark:

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