Revolutions Anthology

Revolutions!Revolutions is an anthology of speculative fiction set in Manchester: seventeen stories of science-fiction, horror, dystopian and weird fiction.

I’m very happy to be wearing two hats for this project as both writer and editor.

As writer, Revolutions includes my short story Traveller. This is an unusual departure for me: time-travel. I am probably the world’s worst sceptic when it comes to this particular subject so I’d like to think that my story explores a new approach to how it might all work in a believable, if slightly cynical, fashion. No bootstrap paradoxes here. In fact, no paradoxes at all.

As editor, Revolutions has been delightfully hard work from beginning to end. I was amazed when all the submissions started to roll in, seriously impressed when I read the content, disappointed that we had to turn away so many excellent stories. My fellow editors, Graeme and Eric, proved to be the perfect team-mates, even taking up the slack when I disappeared off-grid for a few weeks to focus on my other hobby, kung-fu. I had a tough grading at the end of last year which I’m glad to say I passed!

I also want to thank Luke and James, fellow writing group members, who were — and are still — busy behind the scenes with everything from sub-editing to marketing.

I love the cover art. I love every single story in this amazing anthology. You can pick up a copy from Amazon in either paper or Kindle format:

Please let me know what you think!

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