Interzone #241

Interzone #241 has just hit the shelves and I’m chuffed to say that I have a mention in the review section with my short story ‘Incarnate’ (as featured in the Rocket Science Anthology edited by Ian Sales). The reviewer has these kind words to say:

“…the saddest tale was probably Craig Pay’s ‘Incarnate’, telling the story from one parent’s perspective of what happens when the other parent won’t let go and tries to put right the untimely death of their teenage daughter.”

This is the same story that received a favourable mention in the Guardian back in April. And this is a setting that I’ll be exploring later this summer once I’ve finished up with my current projects. With a novel.

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Three Weddings and a Funeral

OK, bad news first. As you may have already heard, Murky Depths magazine has decided to shut up shop. My short story ‘Whisperer’ was published in Murky Depths earlier this year in their #17 issue. Quite possibly a number of different reasons for this (economic climate etc.) but I’m going to huff about the lack of interest in the short story format in the UK. Seems the US are much more accepting of the short story format in both the genre and non-genre worlds. Very sad.

But on with the good news . . .
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