Eastercon 2013

Conloot!Eastercon is the UK’s premier convention for science fiction writers, this year held in Bradford and as the 64th Eastercon it was badged ‘Eight Squared Con‘.

The convention is winding down about now, and I got back late last night, completely knackered after a minimal amount of sleep on Saturday night. I guess the TL;DR summary would be something like: ‘conference center easy to find, great parking, lots of fun, informative and thought-provoking, great opportunity to network with other writers.’

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Rocket Science Anthology

This week sees the launch of ‘Rocket Science: Science Fiction and Non-Fiction’  a collection of hard science fiction stories and non-fiction essays on near-future space exploration. I have a short story featured in the anthology and I’m still reeling from the positive review we received on Friday in the Guardian with my story being picked out for a mention . . .

The strength of the collection is that the best of the stories – and the standard is very high – are about the human condition. Standouts include Craig Pay’s “Incarnate”, a harrowing account of a mother and father’s response to their cloned daughter’s desire for suicide on Titan …

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