New short story: ‘The Day It Snowed’

A new story of mine has just been published on award winning website 330 Words, and is now available to read online.

“The concept behind 330 Words is simple. Take a photograph and let it inspire you towards a piece of fiction.”

I took this photo at approximately midday, albeit on a rather foggy day. The location is Elnup Woods (locals also call it Mill Damn Woods and Bluebell Woods), a small area of woodland near where I live in Standish. There is no image processing whatsoever.

This area of the wood has recently been rediscovered to be an ancient hazel coppice, and a project has been started to cut back the surrounding foliage to allow the coppice to re-establish itself.

Hazel is generally used for wattling, fences, thatching spars and so on, but I needed firewood for my story, so I changed the hazel to beech, which is also a coppiced wood.

Anyway, enjoy the story!