Rocket Dragons Ignite Anthology

Rocket Dragons Ignite: DSF Year 2I’m very pleased to announce that my short story Silver Sixpence has been published in the Daily Science Fiction anthology Rocket Dragons Ignite: DSF Year 2. This anthology is a huge read at 870 pages with over 260 stories and 425,000 words — that’s the size of four typical novels in a single volume!

Silver Sixpence is what I would call mundane science fiction, a sub-genre which focuses on a believable use of science and technology as available at the time of writing. That means no faster-than-light travel, no aliens, quite possibly no lasers or robots, although that’s a changing arena right now.

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‘Silver Sixpence’ Now Online at DSF

Very quick post because I’ve gone on about this far too much already. My short story ‘Silver Sixpence’ is now available to read online for free at Daily Science Fiction. This story started out at a themed writing evening for a local writing group here in Standish.

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