Three Weddings and a Funeral

OK, bad news first. As you may have already heard, Murky Depths magazine has decided to shut up shop. My short story ‘Whisperer’ was published in Murky Depths earlier this year in their #17 issue. Quite possibly a number of different reasons for this (economic climate etc.) but I’m going to huff about the lack of interest in the short story format in the UK. Seems the US are much more accepting of the short story format in both the genre and non-genre worlds. Very sad.

But on with the good news . . .

First of all, my short story ‘Silver Sixpence’ was published today at Daily Science Fiction. DSF circulate stories via email before making them available a week later on their website. So if you haven’t signed up yet, just be patient and you’ll be able to read ‘Silver Sixpence’ next week. I’ll blog again to remind you! 🙂

Very happy about being published by DSF as they’re my first pro-market publication. Furthermore they’re now recognised by the SFWA. At the moment I’m not sure whether this qualifies me to join the SFWA. This is on my to-do list to find out.

Next up, a short story acceptance with Structo Magazine. This time a non-genre piece: experimental, pure dialogue (no speaker tags!). My short fiction piece ‘Doctor’s Surgery’ will be available in their December 2011 #7 issue. Very pleased about this for two reasons. First off, Structo is a gorgeous magazine. You should buy a paper copy! But also, as some of you know I’ve become a firm believer in the fuzziness that exists between genre and non-genre. I’m constantly bumping into all kinds of snobbery that exists in both worlds (I often feel like banging some heads together): so having work published in both camps is vital to me.

Last up, a short story acceptance with the Rocket Science Anthology. My short story ‘Incarnate’ should be available April 2012. This time another genre story–and what’s more, this is science fiction again. This is a character-led plot with some fairly dark overtones. I have to thank the Manchester Speculative Fiction writers’ group who merrily ripped into a very early draft of this story. The blood on the table was well worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “Three Weddings and a Funeral”

  1. Hey Craig! I enjoyed your Silver Sixpence. I also quoted your comment about your Manchester writers’ group to my own writers’ group here in Ft. Worth, Texas. We had a little scene here last meeting where a writer got upset because everyone was so mean to him. I know well the “blood on the table.”

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