Call of Cthulhu Name Card

I often lose track of who’s who around the table, especially at convention games when I’m meeting players for the first time.

Here’s a game aid I created for Call of Cthulhu: a name card which can be placed on the table in front of each player. Print it out and cut the edges as marked. Players can add their name, their investigator’s name, and any preferred pronoun for themselves and/or their investigator.

I’ll include a couple of links at the end of this blog post to download a couple of different versions, one with a QR code to the Cult of Chaos code of conduct page. Feel free to download and print whichever one you want to use.

I’ve saved these cards out as JPG files to make it easier for printing on different sizes of paper whether you’re in the UK, US or elsewhere.

Assembly should be self-explanatory… I hope! Just fold along the dashed lines and slot the OVER/UNDER tabs into each other. This usually only takes a couple of minutes and I’ve found it’s a great icebreaker for new groups or new players before you start play.

Download Name Card (Cult of Chaos)

Download Name Card

I hope you enjoy using these and find them useful. If you have any feedback, just get in touch or leave a comment.

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