Traveller Plan: Cloud 9

Here’s another deck plan I’ve created using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. I definitely went a bit overboard on this as it only featured in the intro/outro for a Traveller adventure I created called Smash & Grab!

This is the blurb I read out to my players…

As you approach Lagrange 2, the ship’s comm buffer floods with chatter and dozens of other ships appear on short range sensors. In the middle of it all sits an old 1000-ton Scout Service Express Boat Tender, now clearly retired from active service, the Cloud 9.

The old tender appears heavily modified from its original design with various modules and airlocks slotted into the huge vehicle bay that used to run its length. It also seems to have its maximum compliment of ten turrets installed.

A variety of small craft are arriving or leaving the local area, or parked up in matching orbits. Holo-emitters dotted across the Cloud 9’s hull are projecting advertisements out into space offering everything from nachos to cybernetic implants, casino games to stage shows.

It’s Vegas baby, Vegas in space!

My players loved Cloud 9. In my universe it’s owned by a Hiver called Mr Jones, a rather unlikely mob-boss with a Rashush model robot on hand to translate his sign-language into Galanglic. And if you just spotted a similarity with a certain scene in Return of the Jedi, well done, and yes!

The deck plans for this ship are A0, that’s pretty huge, and there are two of them detailing all ten decks. I’ve previously blogged about printing deck plans on the cheap if you want help with that.

I think there’s a lot of fun to be had on this ship in different universes whether you have your Travellers running an Ocean’s Eleven style heist or dashing about Die Hard style armed with SMGs.

Download, print and enjoy!

Cloud 9 Plans Upper Decks (A0)

Cloud 9 Plans Lower Decks (A0)


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