Traveller Plan: New Horizons School

Here’s another plan for Traveller using Rob Pearce’s excellent geomorphs. Welcome to New Horizon School, a secret research facility, operated by SuSAG, for children with special abilities.

New Horizons is located on Lanth. As this world is 90% water I decided that the starport was constructed like a giant underwater arcology with ‘sub’ levels going down from sea level to the seabed. The large common room (location 17) has an impressive sea view.

I’ve included the usual A1 printable PDF in this blog post as well as a separate A4 sheet with a brief description of each location. You could always move the school to another world in your own campaign.

In my campaign the school had been closed down after a violent attack by pirates who kidnapped one of the young students, a child who the Travellers would then trail across the Spinward Marches to Vanejen.

Feel free to download and print for personal use. Enjoy!

New Horizons School Plans (A1)

New Horizons School Description (A4)

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