Big Pharma Plans for Traveller

Here’s a set of plans I created for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant using Robert Pearce’s geomorphs. There are two basement levels and a ground floor, with two points of entry. The plans are fairly generic so you could use them for any kind of medical or scientific base. I printed them out on A1 paper for my players to use with miniatures.

This location featured in a homegrown adventure written for my current campaign. The adventure was called ‘Air Zamine’, a nod to a certain 90’s film

I’ll include PDF and PNG files further down in this blog post for you to download and print.

In my adventure the Travellers bust through an illegal blockade around the world Zamine, a balkanised system in the Darrian Confederation, to find it descending into civil war (another one). The Travellers discovered that they had been inadvertently running guns for their contact, a ‘security consultant’ working for SuSAG.

The Travellers soon uncovered the truth behind the war: that it was a proxy conflict between the usual culprits, the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. During a climactic finale the Travellers ended up running around this pharma plant with gauss rifles being chased by Zhodani warbots. Wacky fun!

Here are the plans. Feel free to download and print for personal use only. You can click the previews for the PNGs or scroll down for the A1 PDFs. Check out my blog post for getting these PDFs printed for just £2 each.

Here are the PDFs. Enjoy!

Pharma Ground

Pharma B1

Pharma B2

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