Weird Science Gadget: Night Vision Goggles

Here’s another Weird Science Gadget for Pulp Cthulhu (p.86ff, Pulp Cthulhu rulebook). Scroll down for a PDF to download and print.

Night Vision Goggles are a cumbersome headset mounted on a leather harness with a large disk worn across the chest. The disk projects a beam of infra-red light, illuminating the target, which is then visible through the headset.

When worn, this device allows the user to see in complete darkness to a range of 50 yards without being detectable by other individuals (unless they are similarly equipped). Movement is hampered whilst wearing this device: subtract 2 points from Move, and apply a penalty die to melee, Dodge, ranged combat, Climb, Jump or any other physical activity.

To build: parts cost $250, requires 1d10+5 days, and a successful combined Electrical Repair and Mechanical Repair roll.

This is a basic project intended for apprentice Weird Science gadget builders. Devices such as the one pictured were created by non-Pulp inventors during the 1930s. Perhaps the Pulp Hero assisted one such famous inventor, Kalman Tihanyi, during his time in Berlin (1928) or London (1929)?

Download PDF.

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